Land Planning is a critical element of our services and is useful to you in any and all stages of your land development. We listen carefully to your planning goals while remaining mindful of state and local rules and regulations. This mindfulness and attention to detail will ensure that development can carry on in the most efficient way possible while at the same time satisfying any conditions specific to your land’s jurisdiction.

We specialize in subdivision exemptions, including Family Transfer, Boundary Relocation, and Court Orders, as well as Feasibility Research on these and other projects. We also perform Minor, Major, and Phased Subdivisions, all of which you can learn more about below.

Road and Survery Tool at sunset

We specialize in subdivision exemptions:

Family Transfer – Gifting a parcel to parents, spouse or children. Minor

Boundary Relocation – changing existing boundaries to create more usability

Court Order – usually is a result of a divorce or death

Feasibility Research – On every project we take on

We also perform subdivisions of land:

Minor Subdivisions – 5 or fewer lots

Major Subdivisions – 6 or more lots

Phased Subdivisions – individual zones platted and developed over time